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Our Primary Mold Service: Happy & Healthy Customers

Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation – Palm Beach provides relief from health issues caused by elevated mold in your indoor air, 100% of the time. 

If you are a homeowner or business, estimates are free, and we can be there in 24 hours. Find out what it costs to get the best, and give us a call our fill out a form. We will get back to you right away. 

We can be at your location within 24 hrs.

Learn About Our Mold Abatement Services

For businesses & homeowners who want to pay less without sacrificing quality, and get the job done in less time, with as few headaches as possible?  You’re in the right place!

We safely disinfect and eliminate more mold on more surfaces than any other mold abatement provider in Palm Beach County. This includes hard and soft surfaces. With our dry fog particles that are microns in size, it also means killing mold where no other method or approach can. If downtime means money, then our patented approach wins hands-down.

mold inspector looking for mold in home crawl space in palm beach, florida

Mold Inspection

Think you may have mold, perhaps even toxic black mold? Hire Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation to conduct a professional visual assessment plus and assessment of moisture behind your ceilings and walls to identify both visible and hidden mold.

air quality specialist holding a cartridge with air sample to be sent to mold testing lab

Air Quality & Mold Testing

Based on your insurance and what we find during our inspection we may recommend a mold or air quality test. In many cases we a visual inspection is sufficient. and testing is nothing more than an extra unnecessary cost.

nozzle of a dry fog machine dispensing disinfectant into a home in palm beach county, florida

Mold Remediation

A revolutionary patented process that treats 10X the surface area to eliminate more surface and airborne mold, bacteria and other pathogens than scrubbing with a disinfectant, UV light, wet fog, or sprays can. Better technology and processes are the difference.

The Best Approach to Killing Mold

Dry Fog

— For customers who want the best, most thorough remediation done for their money, then dry fog is indispensable.  It gets rid of mold throughout your property, by filling the volume of every space, touching every visible surface, and many hidden as well. It kills and denatures every mold: toxic black molds and every toxic variety found in the Palm Beach area.  Dry fog is a critical to what we do; one component that makes the combination of what we do the very best approach.

The Benefits of a Mold Inspection & Assessment Conducted by Pure Maintenance

100% Guaranteed

We include third-party independent lab testing to verify our work. We will use any lab of your choice, and guarantee you location will have cleaner air and cleaner surfaces than it has ever had in you home or business's existence.

Ultra Effective

The best definition of mold remediation efficacy is: the # of square feet of surface area treated at a disinfectants required dwell time. We dry fog every home twice, and nobody treats more surface area. We also far exceed our sterliant's dwell time requirements. Then our antimicrobial coatings deliver ongoing preventive protection for up to six months after we leave. An Army Corps of Engineers Study put this to claim to the test and verified it to be true.


We reach 100 to 1000X the surface area of other methods. Our pricing may be similar to the competition but you get far more for your money. We also reduce the cost of demolition and rebuild by preventing unnecessary demolition. You'll never pay for more than is necessary.

Fast Turnaround

If you take a 2000 ft home with mold counts above the threshold, we typically only take one day to complete the job compared to the national average of five days. We challenge you to find another option with less inconvenience and downtime.

Healthy & Safe

Within just an hour or so after we complete dry fogging your entire premise twice, all sterilant fog has cleansed your location and disipated into EPA-verfiied environmentally safe, pet-safe and people-safe components.

There Within 24 hrs

If your anxious to get started, we can be at your place within 24 hours to provide a mold remediation consultation and estimate to get your home or business location healthy again, with a quicker turnaroun

HVAC remediation Included

We include disinfection of your HVAC at no additional cost. We wouldn't dream of completing a project without also cleaning and disinfecting your HVAC system. If you have substantial mold growth in one part of your home you are guaranteed to have higher than acceptable levels of mold in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and floating in the air throughout your home.

Remediation of Furnishings Included

We treat everything in your home. When you have this realization, any other choice for mold remediation will be subpar. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of dry fog is its ability to enter into spaces less than a few microns wide. Which means we can annihilate mold and other microorganisms in soft materials like rugs and curtains and mattresses. What's more we can do this while being gentle on paintings, upholstery, computers and all furniture and other belongings.

Foul odors, Viruses & Bacteria

We use a hospital-grade cold sterilant in the first step of our dry fog process. Sterilants kill every type of mold, bacterium and virus. In the process we also kill odors caused by any organic source like urine and smoke. Nowhere else will you get a "total home cleanse" like we offer. Want to press reset on the impact your environment is having on your health? Contact us today!

The Mold Removal Process + Your Options

The Process

Our chosen process offerw significantly more than traditional mold remediation companies offers. We do the demolition, removal of damaged fixtures, sheetrock, floors and any other non-salvageable items, and hepa scrub your air… plus use our proprietary  patented dry fogging process that is a game changer. Where we dry fog the full interior, not once, but twice. 

The benefit…  we reduce your demolition and rebuild costs, while eliminating a much higher percentage of mold throughout your property.

Our innovation is patented… so no other company can offer what we offer.

What makes us different?

The dry fog process is the foundational difference.  Literally tens of thousands of ultra-satisfied customers to date, at more than 100 Pure Maintenance locations nationwide. In many cases our clients have suffered from mold related sickness, and then within a week after we complete our work, the symptoms lessen substantially or go away altogether. This foundational difference leads to very high confidence in what we offer.  This confidence spills over into our upbeat and positive customer service, better follow-up, higher employee morale, and a better over-all financed system, that allows us to provide total client care.  In short our innovation, makes us different in every way, because it frees-up our technicians to go the extra mile and ensure you are ecstatic with the entire experience.

All Your Options

We know we are not your only option, and are very aware of all the alternative methods for “skinning the mold remediation cat.”

The traditional mold removal / mold remediation process is demolition with a disinfectant spray and scrubbing after all the effected materials have been removed.

Demolition is a necessary consideration in every removal / remediation company’s protocols. It has to be. The difference is how much demolition is done.  Some will sell the idea of taking out more to be safe.  That is not our position.  If mold is properly killed and denatured, it doesn’t need to be removed, which means you may be able to save your still structurally sound walls, save your rugs, and save your furniture, etc. With absolutely no negative impact to your health. 

Where companies differ is on the method of disinfection, which we review more on our mold-remediation solutions page.

We Serve Palm Beach County

We have purchased the rights to operate with our patented approach in Palm Beach County.  If you live in Boca Raton, Jupiter, West Palm, Delray or Boynton Beach, give us a call or click “Schedule Now” below. If you live just outside Palm Beach County, we may still be your closest option; otherwise we can refer you to the Pure Maintenance licensee in your area.

No Obligation

If you suspect mold, then we want to eliminate any barrier to you getting the information you need to avoid things getting worse for your health or your home. Allow us to visit your home and conduct “hidden moisture tests” a visual inspection and provide you with our professional opinion at no charge and no obligation

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